Reading Time: <1 minuteWe have been introducing problems and complaints from patients regarding MiraDry treatment, but recently there has been a sharp increase. [Never receive MiraDry treatment from a nurse.] After receiving MiraDry treatment by a nurse twice, the scars from the burns remain and, despite suffering from severe pain for a long time, it has returned to normal. A patient came to see us, so we asked for details. The person who seemed to be a doctor only explained that he would administer the anesthesia, but did not provide any explanation about armpit odor, armpit odor treatment, or MiraDry. The nurse immediately performed the treatment. The reasons why we absolutely do not recommend nurse treatment are: 2: There are no nurses who have experience in the mechanism and theory of armpit odor or treatment (because they cannot perform surgery) XNUMX: Nurses cannot be held responsible XNUMX: It is not clear if burns occur due to MiraDry XNUMX: Only doctors can directly perform treatment, it is a gray area act that is close to being illegal XNUMX: The manufacturer should not recommend nurse treatment XNUMX: Ethical issues Why nurse treatment? XNUMX: Profit is the priority (nurses' hourly wages are low, so profits can be made) XNUMX: There is a possibility that treatments can be performed even if there is no doctor in the clinic (illegal act) XNUMX: Price competition allows for cheap customer attraction, meaning that while there are benefits to the clinic, there are no benefits to the patient. There are too many facilities where doctors who have never treated or operated on armpit odor before have no knowledge of the mechanism of armpit odor or medical knowledge, and only introduce the equipment and have nurses perform the treatment without explanation. The dark side of cosmetic medicine has now become the dark side of the MiraDry business. If you are a doctor or nurse at a clinic where nurses perform MiraDry treatments and have any objections to this blog post, please let's have an open discussion. If you are going to treat patients with the patient in mind, wouldn't it be better for a specialist who is familiar with all armpit odor treatments to guarantee safety and effectiveness? It is also a problem that MiraDry is the most painful treatment of all treatments, and patients are not properly informed before the treatment. Don't be fooled by the MiraDry business. *I am not denying all MiraDry treatments. We believe that problems include performing treatments on areas where the treatment is not suitable, nurses performing MiraDry treatments without a doctor's examination, and exploiting patients by forcing them to take out loans to cover expensive treatment costs through upselling that is completely different from what is advertised.