Reading Time: <1 minuteI have previously pointed out problems with MiraDry on this blog. At many cosmetic surgery clinics, he recommends MiraDry as a treatment for underarm hyperhidrosis. MiraDry is the one that attracts the most advertisements, but even though it is highly recommended, it cannot be said to be a treatment that patients are satisfied with. More than half of the patients who visit our clinic for the first time have had MiraDry experience. In other words, patients who received miraDry treatment but had no effect at all or were unable to obtain satisfactory results come to our clinic requesting re-treatment. There is no problem with the MiraDry treatment device itself. The dark side of cosmetic surgery is that criminal acts or gray zone activities are carried out behind closed doors, and his MiraDry also plays a role in that gray zone business. After miraDry surgery, there is often quite a bit of pain and swelling. The advertising claims that no scalpel is used and there is no pain at all are false. Since the burn is caused to the underarm skin, the pain is almost always intense. MiraDry treatment causes pain that is much stronger than the pain that occurs after surgery. The biggest problem is that the majority of medical institutions do not have doctors performing the procedures. A major cosmetic surgery group is committing a criminal act in which the director, a doctor, has no knowledge or experience in treating armpits, but instead assigns nurses and unqualified receptionists to handle the treatment. Of course, miraDry treatment performed by office workers and nurses is unlikely to be effective due to sloppy power settings and adjustments. Above all, it is impossible for nurses or office staff to perform medical treatment, and it should never be done. If there are any doctors or medical professionals who feel that there is no problem with miraDry being administered by office staff or nurses, we would like to hold a public discussion session at our hospital, so please do so. I would appreciate it if you could let me know by email. Although miraDry treatment performed by nurses and office workers has risks, it cannot be expected to be effective. If you are a patient who is considering miraDry treatment, we would appreciate it if you would consider it.