Reading Time: <1 minuteBody piercing is increasing rapidly towards summer, the season when navel is exposed.
A few patients visited us today as well.There are many young people.
After administering anesthesia with a special double-walled needle called Surflo, a hole for piercing is created.After pulling out the inner tube, insert and wear the medical body piercing.The treatment time is approximately 2 minutes.The pain is only slight when he is under anesthesia.
Medical earrings are transparent rods
High safety due to long rod
It is fashionable.
You can take a bath right away, and you can also use the pool! !It seems that many people think that it is easy to fester in the summer,
There is no reason.
The piercing suppuration is caused by excessive disinfection, and it is scary that most of the piercing sites are not cleaned when bathing and become dirty and red and accumulate.
Unlike the earlobe, the stomach is not good for blood flow and it is easy to get infected.
So I always take a bath on the day for the patient. Make sure to wash the piercing area well every day with a shower so that no dirt accumulates! I am instructing.
Common sense so far
In the summer when you can't take a disinfectant bath and don't wash, it tends to fester.
Rather, the wound healing theory is new,
It has been reviewed.Piercing is based on the latest wound healing theory.