Reading Time: <1 minuteMany patients come to our clinic every day for mole removal. Moles are a common name, and the original medical term for moles is nevus or pigmented nevus. However, patients come to the doctor's appointment knowing that warts, moles, and age spots are recognized as moles. A mole? In other words, it is a tumor on the pigment or convex bump that is different from the skin color that exists on the skin. Viral warts, senile warts, age-related spots, age-related hemangioma, malignant skin tumors (squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma), convex scars (hypertrophic scars), etc. Although it looks like a mole, it actually has a different pathological condition than a so-called mole. For this reason, we always use a diagnostic device called a dermascope for diagnosis and treatment. At our hospital, we discover several cases of basal cell carcinoma each year. Naturally, even though it's a mole, treatment methods vary depending on the condition and diagnosis. Recently, there is no end to the number of victims of a certain major cosmetic surgery company that attracts customers with flashy TV commercials and listing advertisements. A malicious fraudulent business is being carried out in which people who call themselves counselors and have no medical qualifications recommend excision surgery and charge high surgical fees. A person who is not even a doctor examines the patient, makes a diagnosis, recommends unnecessary surgery, and exploits the high cost of surgery. Such outrageous acts are taking place. There are many victims of this cosmetic surgery, and various problems have been reported. At our hospital, we will never proceed with any sales activities or surgeries that ignore the wishes of our patients, nor will we ever force them to take out medical loans with high interest rates. We have great doubts about cosmetic surgery procedures that require medical loans, and our clinic has a policy of not allowing patients to take out medical loans. Aesthetic medicine is happiness medicine. You should not go out of your way to undergo beauty treatment and bear the financial burden. Recently, there has been no end to negative news related to cosmetic medicine, such as fatal accidents at cosmetic surgery clinics, malicious medical practices, and sexual assault of minors by major cosmetic surgeons. As a doctor who has practiced as a cosmetic surgeon for many years, I am concerned about the current state of cosmetic medicine. I would like all patients to have the mindset to not be fooled by flashy advertisements, or by false baiting advertisements and PR from influencers. If you have a patient who has suffered damage from cosmetic surgery, please feel free to contact us as we also have a 110 line for cosmetic surgery.