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They are attracting customers with free advertising: A certain cosmetic surgery clinic charges 0 yen for mole removal!
A certain cosmetic surgery clinic is heavily advertised on TV and various internet ads, selling 0 yen treatments.
Not only was it 0 yen, but the patient was given a quote of 15 yen.
For patients who are hesitant about the high cost of treatment, we tell them about a special monitor price and offer a special low price of 8 yen.
It's truly a rip-off bar with false advertising.
Moreover, they forcefully guide the moles to be removed by excision, even though they could have been easily removed by electrolysis or carbon dioxide laser. At this clinic, the treatment method is decided by the counselor, not the doctor.
The consultation, estimate, and explanation were done by a counselor, not a doctor. This is a clear violation of the Medical Practitioners Act.
Many victims of this clinic have visited our facility, but unless something is done about this excessive criminal activity, cosmetic medical treatment itself will no longer be considered "evil."
Never decide on treatment on the spot.
If you are led to treatment by a counselor, the situation may become irreversible.