Reading Time: <1 minute Petit plastic surgery using hyaluronic acid is becoming popular.Easy, quick, and painless transformation... In fact, rhinoplasty, lachrymal plastic surgery, lip plastic surgery, and genioplasty using hyaluronic acid are widely performed and satisfied, and many patients are satisfied with them. This is one of the reasons why aesthetic medicine has become more familiar.However, if a doctor who has not thoroughly studied basic anatomy such as blood vessel travel and the properties of hyaluronic acid suddenly becomes the director of a cosmetic surgery clinic and is tasked with performing procedures on a large number of patients, there will be cases where risks cannot be avoided.It is common sense to understand the route of an artery, but he did not understand it.If the procedure involved injecting hyaluronic acid anywhere, he would be at high risk of necrosis of the area innervated by the feeding vessels due to arterial embolism, and the feeding blood vessels to the optic nerve would become embolized. If this happens, the worst thing that can happen is blindness.In fact, cases of blindness caused by small plastic surgery using hyaluron have been reported both overseas and in Japan.Most of these cases are due to the lack of experience of cosmetic surgeons and sloppy procedures performed in busy schedules.Although it is a simple plastic surgery that brings great benefits, we recommend that you have it performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon who will perform the procedure carefully and carefully.If you are looking for cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, or small surgery in Nagoya, please contact Kano Hasakae Clinic.