Reading Time: 2 minutesMay 26th BVLGARI HOTEL TOKYO GALA Party & solo exhibition was held at BVLGARI HOTEL TOKYO. The Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo has never exhibited an artist's artwork before, and I had the fortunate opportunity to be the first artist to hold an art exhibition there. As an artist, I am proud to be able to exhibit my work at the Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo, known as Japan's best hotel, with its elegant, sophisticated interior, beauty, and spectacular views. This time, I have been working on creating a special artwork for a solo exhibition at the Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo. I am happy to be able to exhibit my work and have it seen by many people. Over 30 years of craftsmanship and experience as a cosmetic surgeon, knowledge of scientists, and precise creative techniques using cutting-edge lasers and cosmetic surgery equipment. Cosmetic surgeons are the ultimate artists. We will further hone our artistic beauty sensibilities and work hard to provide patients with the best beauty care with confidence in our daily medical treatments.