Reading Time: <1 minuteThe short version PV of the solo exhibition held at the Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo on May 26th has been completed. I am honored to have been able to hold a solo exhibition as the first artist to exhibit art at the Bvlgari Hotel Tokyo since its opening. [Cosmetic surgeons are artists] I have always had this feeling. The quest for ultimate beauty is the same for the beauty of the human face and body, and the art created using the experience and techniques of a cosmetic surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist over 34 years, cutting-edge cosmetic medical laser technology, and precision surgical instruments is a unique work in the world. As a Japanese person, I will promote the next generation of art to the world. I will continue to work hard every day. Sakae Clinic is currently the only gallery where you can see my work. I would be happy if you could take a look at my work when you visit. Thank you.