Reading Time: <1 minuteHyaluronic acid injection is an effective treatment that can definitely improve wrinkles naturally. There are three types of wrinkles. Treatments are different for each type of wrinkle. ​ XNUMX: Expression wrinkles XNUMX: Wrinkles in the groove XNUMX: Wrinkles due to sagging There are roughly three types of wrinkles. XNUMX. Expression wrinkles can be effectively treated with Botox injections. His hyaluronic acid injections are effective for wrinkles in the grooves. XNUMX: For wrinkles caused by sagging, his HIFU treatment called Ultraformer is effective. Recently, more and more dermatology and dental facilities are offering hyaluronic acid injections. Vendors also hold injection seminars, but many doctors believe that injections are easier than surgery. However, it is impossible to master the technique of injecting the appropriate amount of hyaluronic acid into the targeted layer of the skin based on a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy, just by practicing on dozens of cases. It requires many years of experience, intuition, and manual skill. I have provided guidance to many dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, but there are only a few who can master the technique to inject the product into any area without any problems. In particular, if hyaluronic acid is injected into a blood vessel with the wrong layer at the time of injection, necrosis will occur in the tissue in the area of ​​the feeding artery. Although I have never personally experienced a single tragic case like this, the reality is that it has happened quite a few times at other medical institutions. Particular care must be taken when injecting lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows. At our clinic, we perform hyaluronic acid injections that are safe and pain-free, with a natural finish and a fully guaranteed treatment effect. Please feel free to contact us.