Reading Time: <1 minuteYesterday, my friend Kiko Hayashida, who is active as a model for Paris Fashion Week, visited MTG before leaving for Paris Fashion Week.She had a meeting to make lung exercises a standard exercise for walking models and pageant contestants.During her childhood, she received numerous awards including being a promising Olympic player due to her special education in volleyball.After graduating from high school, she joined Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Springs, a V League team. She left the team at the age of 20 and became the first Japanese player to play in the Dutch professional league, playing as an ace attacker in HCCNET Martinus. After retiring at the age of 21, she lived in America and became a model and beauty specialist at the age of 27.She also provided workshop interpretation for her own mentor, Stephen Haines, and learned her knowledge and techniques about beauty contests. At the age of 32, he aimed to become a professional boxer and obtained his professional license in six months.During her time as a boxer, she was a beautiful model boxer with a unique career and was widely featured in newspapers, television, the internet, magazines, and other media. After retiring from boxing, she got married and had children.While she mainly continues to teach beauty contests and women who aspire to become models, she also participated in September 37 as Miss Japan in the beauty contest ``Miss The Glam Monaco International 019'', which is officially recognized by the Principality of Monaco, at the age of 2019. She won the ``She is a Top Model Award''. *Miss the glam Monaco International is a beauty contest unlike any other in the world, featuring the world's most celebrity judges and guests. Influential people participate.Many media outlets from all over Europe participated, and the event was featured on TV and in magazines.   Recognized for her achievements in Miss the Glam Monaco, she is scheduled to appear as a model at the "Milan Collection" in May 2020 at the age of 5.She received a direct offer from the local government and decided to participate as the first Japanese representative in Miss Europe Continental, a supermodel beauty pageant that will be held in Italy from the 38th of this month. It has its own route to the Paris Collection, Milan Collection, and Cannes Film Festival, and is highly trusted by the local community, making efforts in activities such as dispatching Japanese models to the country.Kiko Hayashida [Career history] Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Springs Netherlands Professional Volleyball League HCC net martinus Japan Boxing Association Class C license acquired Miss Gram Monaco 2019 Top model Miss Europe Continental 2019 Miss Cannes Film Festival 2021 Active Milan Collection model Active Paris Collection model