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Chichiga is also called areola wakiga.This is a symptom in which an odor is emitted from the area around the areola where apocrine sweat glands are located.First of all, the possibility of earwax is higher if the earwax is moist.If the earwax isn't moist, it probably isn't chichiga.There is a strong genetic factor in determining whether your earwax is moist or not, and if your earwax is moist, it can be said that you have a body constitution.Eventually, he can be diagnosed by the characteristic smell of chichiga in his armpits.The diagnostic method is to apply a special coarse gauze to the areola and wait about XNUMX minutes for the smell to be checked by a specialist.Chichiga has a smaller areola area than armpits and sweats less than armpits, so no one is as concerned about wakiga.Many people come to our clinic for treatment after their partner points them out.There are various treatment methods, but his EL method is a method that can permanently obtain a therapeutic effect and leaves no scars and has no downtime. The EL method is a method in which a special insulated needle is inserted into the pores of the areola area, and high-frequency heat destroys the sweat glands that cause odor by causing protein coagulation denaturation.Unlike treatment methods that are often performed by nurses using equipment such as MiraDry and View Hot, advanced techniques are required, but it is an effective treatment method that can be felt immediately after treatment, with no pain or downtime for about XNUMX minutes per side. .There are no restrictions on bathing or sports, and you can receive treatment quickly and easily, so don't worry.