Reading Time: <1 minute At the Advanced Medical Science Wellness Academy, where I serve as vice representative director, we are absolutely against the GLP-1 diet, which is being promoted at beauty clinics by exaggerating its dieting effects.You can easily lose weight at some cosmetic surgery and beauty clinics!safe and secure!The problem is that she promotes her with catchphrases that are far from medical care, such as not requiring a medical examination, only emphasizes the benefits of her diet injections, and runs a business that prioritizes profits over risks to patients.In fact, it is causing health damage, and many medical institutions are sounding the alarm about the current situation, where online prescriptions are used as a diet marketing method.The Japan Medical Association immediately issued a warning regarding the act as violating medical ethics.The Japan Diabetes Society also takes the opposite position... The National Consumer Affairs Center also issued a warning. While many diabetes researchers and specialists are against it, doctors who have no experience or knowledge of treating diabetic patients are using the GLP-1 diet, which is for profit and only for the purpose of dieting, as an act that violates the risks and medical ethics. We will continue our awareness activities. Please note that some medical institutions do not comply with online medical treatment guidelines.