Reading Time: <1 minuteThere are many possible causes of genital odor.The genital area is divided into two parts, XNUMX: the inside of the vagina, and XNUMX: the skin of the vulva. Among these, it is the sweat glands in the skin that are the target of treatment for so-called sootworm moths. Only if there is a problem.When inflammation occurs in the vagina, secretions are produced from the mucous membranes.At this time, if the cause is a bacterial infection, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, etc., it will cause the odor regardless of whether it is a sexually transmitted disease or not.In particular, a disease called trichomoniasis produces a distinctive odor.You'll notice it right away because it's clearly different from the smell of urine.There is a specific medicine and it can be cured with treatment.Gonorrhea and other bacterial infections can be cured completely with antibiotics, and once the leucorrhoea disappears, the odor will also disappear.The so-called sore throat moth is caused by the sweat glands in the dermis and the resident bacteria on the skin, which causes a unique odor, so it is generally related to the apocrine sweat glands, and the more moist the earwax is, the more likely it is to develop a soot moth. Masu.However, the smell will not suddenly appear.It is known that menstrual odor often becomes a concern from the beginning of menstruation.Underarm odor can be reliably diagnosed by a specialist.If you are concerned about whether or not you are a sow moth, please feel free to contact us.A gauze test involves applying special gauze to the affected area for about XNUMX minutes, and she will diagnose the odor on the gauze.