Reading Time: <1 minuteDoes the patient have stains?mole?Wart?are often indistinguishable.Even though moles, age spots, and warts have similar shapes, their formation and developmental mechanisms are medically completely different.Elderly patients often come to our clinic to remove age-related warts or raised spots called senile warts. They are easier to remove than moles, leave no scars, and have less risk of recurrence..Although it can be easily removed with a carbon dioxide laser, at our hospital we often use the cooling EL method, which cools the affected area to -XNUMX°C and evaporates it using high frequency waves.It requires much more skill than carbon dioxide laser removal, but can be done in a shorter time.Downtime is often less than carbon dioxide laser removal.Because the procedure is easier, it is often selected as a treatment compared to carbon dioxide laser removal. We are carrying out.