Reading Time: <1 minuteCurrently, in the Department of Hospital Management at Juntendo University School of Medicine, we are conducting research on the human software of the autonomic and vagus nerves with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi.Lung activity, which activates the vagus nerve, has been a hot topic recently.It is becoming popular in many healthcare fields, and it has been confirmed that remarkable results have been obtained in the golf world as well, dramatically improving the performance of golfers. [Lung life] stimulates and activates not only the respiratory function but also the vagus nerve, which is the most important nerve in humans.By taking deep breaths along with exercise, your heart rate will fluctuate and your vagus nerve will be activated.Not only does it improve the movement of his ribcage, but it also increases the amount of ventilation he takes in each time, which increases the amount of oxygen he takes in and helps improve blood flow.It can be expected in the health field, but it is also so effective that it will dramatically change the training, conditioning, and care methods of athletes.I am confident that lung activity will definitely change the world of sports.Evidence-based health methods, training, care, and conditioning are now in demand. [Lung Life], developed by a team of specialists at a university medical school, can be said to be a next-generation health and training method that matches the times.Please pay attention. ALBA also introduces specific exercises for XNUMX steps.Please take a look!