Reading Time: <1 minute vagus nerveWhen the autonomic nerve is damaged, the symptoms are exactly the same as the aftereffects of the coronavirus. vagus nerveis the most important nervous system in the human body that controls human life activities. When this area is damaged by corona infection, various symptoms will appear. At our hospital, we provide guidance on lung activation, which activates the vagus nerve, and treatments by therapists. It will be the only facility in Japan where you can receive ear care, which is a vagus nerve treatment. You can feel the effect immediately after the treatment headache Stiff shoulder tinnitus dizzy feeling of fatigue Neck movement restriction There are many cases where the condition improves dramatically after treatment, and he uses evidence-based treatments rather than massages. Our therapists are highly skilled in functional anatomy, exercise physiology, and autonomic neurology. Care takes about XNUMX-XNUMX minutes. You will be instantly amazed at its effectiveness.