Reading Time: <1 minuteToday, unfortunately, a female patient in her XNUMXs yelled and threatened the staff and doctors in the treatment room and clinic because her unreasonable demands were not met, and she held an object in her hand. An incident occurred where people became violent, including throwing things.You came to the hospital for re-treatment of a mole, but there was no scar left and no mole was found, so they claimed that the new mole was a recurrence and treated it for free!It's a mole that you're born with, so you can't go wrong with it!He yelled and threatened the staff and doctors.The yelling was so loud that the other patients waiting for the treatment were surprised, so I suggested, ``Since you came all this way, we'll treat you free of charge even though it's not a recurrence,'' but the yelling stopped. First, he became violent on the examination table, broke his stillness, screamed loudly, and went home screaming.I was forced to have a mole on my right side removed free of charge, which I had not done in the past, but the three moles that were actually removed were on the left side of my lip, which were clearly noted in the medical record, and their disappearance was confirmed at the time of my first visit. The three moles that were clearly present in the photo taken before the mole removal disappeared after the treatment.This woman claims that she has three moles on her right side that have not undergone any treatment.At first, she thought she had been misunderstood, but based on the patient's persistent insistence, it became clear that she had come to the hospital with the intention of having the tumor removed for free.Fortunately, the objects that were thrown did not hit the staff, and there was no direct physical harm, but all of the staff were shocked by the horrific verbal abuse.I am unsure whether to consult a legal advisor as I cannot deny the possibility of unreasonable demands being made in the future.Even for a patient who is important to our hospital, we believe that the act of threatening the staff, throwing her things, and loudly disrupting medical treatment because she was falsely refused treatment constitutes intimidation and fraudulent interference with business operations.If there was a problem with the staff or doctors at our clinic, or if the mole really did come back after it was removed, then I think it would be reasonable to complain, but I don't think it's fair to complain about something like this, where someone goes wild at a clinic with unfounded falsehoods. We regret that we have no choice but to take legal action.This was the most horrifying incident in my XNUMX years of practice, where a patient threatened and became violent with unreasonable demands.