Reading Time: <1 minuteAn online seminar for doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and medical professionals will be broadcast live for about 2023 minutes from 3:19 on Sunday, March 10, 20. (The program runs from 20:10 to 00:12) The program is titled ``Next-generation health and training methods: Possibility of activating pulmonary activity and autonomic nerve function.'' , we will talk about medical-engineering collaboration as a keyword.An appropriate approach to autonomic nervous function is the key to good health.There is no participation fee, so please take this opportunity to participate.The capacity is 00 people. (PDF text for distribution is 1,000 yen (tax included)) Click here to register ■Planning/Sponsor: Celista Co., Ltd. Wellness Breeze Management Office Phone number: 03-3863-1003 ■Wellness Breeze site: