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Yesterday, I gave a lecture to 257 viewers at a web seminar hosted by Celista Co., Ltd. After the lecture, we received many questions.
Thank you all!
Medical treatment and healthcare should be based on evidence, but unfortunately, even in some medical institutions, there are many practices that are far from evidence-based treatment.
In this lecture, we explained the next generation healthcare ``vagus nerve stimulation therapy'' based on the published paper. Vagus nerve stimulation therapy improves all diseases such as dementia, depression, PTSD, autism, infectious diseases, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, and intractable headaches, and even suppresses inflammation, helping to improve COVID-19 infections and the aftereffects of COVID-19. has become an effective treatment, and its mechanism has also been elucidated.
Particularly in the world of aesthetic medicine, the current situation is such that doctors who have no knowledge of regenerative medicine are conducting flashy advertisements to attract customers and administering infusions with unknown ingredients under the name of "exosome therapy" just to make money. There are many.
Manufacturers also ignore the quality of reagents, the ingredients are unknown, the purification method is unknown, and in some cases they do not test the number or quality of exosomes.
This time, I gave a detailed lecture on the evidence and risks of exosome therapy, which is mainly practiced in aesthetic medicine, and vagus nerve stimulation therapy, which is practiced all over the world.
We also explained the actual device development that we are promoting through medical-engineering collaboration.
We are pleased to hear from the organizers that the lecture was very popular.
With the help of various companies, we will strive to popularize evidence-based healthcare that has social significance.