Reading Time: <1 minuteOn December 12nd, I will be giving a lecture at my research center titled "Beyond Exosome Therapy⁉️Evidence and Possibilities of Vagus Nerve Activation Therapy."
Unfortunately, there is no evidence regarding exosome infusion.Of course, the effectiveness is promising and there is a promising future, but in Japan, there are no established standards, quality, administration methods, or other protocols, and stem cell culture supernatants such as exosomes, which contain a lot of inflammatory cytokines, are used. I don't know if I have been given an intravenous drip.However, researchers around the world have published numerous high-quality papers on vagus nerve stimulation therapy, and evidence of its safety has been established.
Vagus nerve activation therapy is as effective as or more effective than exosome drips or stem cell culture supernatant drips.At our hospital, we provide guidance on lung activation as a form of vagus nerve activation therapy, and we have achieved remarkable results. The vagus nerve is the key to health care.Compared to exosome drips and stem cell culture supernatant drips, which may have risks, it is better in all aspects, being economical, safe, easy to use, and possible to do on your own in a short period of time.Vagus nerve activation therapy is attracting attention as a next-generation healthcare.