Reading Time: <1 minuteThe topic at the social gathering after the lecture at the INFIX beauty community the day before yesterday was about stem cell culture supernatant liquid and exosome drips, where there was information that a fatal accident had occurred.We recently exchanged opinions on this topic with Dr. Akira Aoki, the president of the Japan Society of Cosmetic Internal Medicine, which was recently established, and the executive director.The conclusion is that medical practice should be given priority, and that academic societies should not only serve as a forum for academic information exchange, but also strive to disseminate accurate medical information. Many medical specialists gathered together to discuss the matter, which has now become lawless. We have come to the conclusion that we need to carefully discuss the substance of the exosome business and stem cell culture supernatant business.We are working to popularize vagus nerve activation therapy, which is expected to be as effective as exosomes and stem cell culture supernatant infusion.Vagus nerve activation therapy is a method of activating the vagus nerve, which controls most of the body's functions, through training and treatments that combine devices and breathing techniques.The evidence is well established and its safety has been confirmed through meta-analysis, so it is sure to attract attention as a next-generation healthcare method. This lecture was attended by many directors of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine at INFIX's Aesthetic Medicine Community. I would be happy if I could be of some help to the development of aesthetic medicine.