Reading Time: <1 minuteCosmetic surgeons are the ultimate artists Nobu Suetake has been an artist for XNUMX years I have been engaged in creative activities for nine years.My first solo exhibition will be co-hosted with world-renowned artist Hiro Toraksho at Sennyu-ji Temple, the head temple of the Sennyu-ji school of the Shingon sect, which performs all the Buddhist ceremonies of the imperial family. It will be held from November XNUMXth to November XNUMXth.Color the universe with art created using the world's first resin XNUMXD retouching method (patent pending).Special exhibition theme “Space, Mandala, Humanity” “Moonlight Praise ~Moon shining on Mt. Tsukiwa and the brilliance of the universe~” HIROTO RAKUSHO Exhibition October 2023 Moonlight Praise Exhibition Planning Committee The HIROTO RAKUSHO Exhibition will be held in November 10 at Sennyu-ji Temple in Kyoto, titled "Moonlight Praise - The Moon Shining on Mt. Moon and the Sparkle of the Universe." In 2023, when Tsukiwa Daishi built a large temple in the style of the Sung Dynasty, the water flowed out from one corner of the temple, so the name was changed to the "Mizuyakata" in the grounds of Sennyu-ji Temple. As the name suggests, water continues to gush out even today.At Sennyu-ji Temple, people meditate by placing a hanging scroll called the Tsukirin Honzon with a circle representing the full moon drawn on it.This hanging scroll allows you to see the moon ring at eye level when you sit on it.A lunar ring view involves seeing the full moon (lunar ring) in one's mind and ultimately feeling that the self and the universe are one.In this exhibition, the view of the lunar ring that you get by facing Hiroto Rakusho's works of the moon and space is sure to have an impact on your life and point you toward the future.Also being held concurrently are the science art "Space, Mandala, and Humanity" that utilizes cutting-edge medical technology by cosmetic surgeon and medical doctor Nobuhiro Suetake, also known as Nobu Suetake, and KYOTO Leather, which brands Kyoto's traditional crafts using the new canvas of leather. We will be holding a special exhibition titled ``Circle of Life.''   Exhibition overview Exhibition name “Moonlight Praise ~The Moon and the Sparkle of Space Shining in the Moon Ring Mausoleum~” Session period : November 2023th (Sat) - 11th (Sun), 25  *A special invitation preview for VIPs and media will be held on November 11th. Venue : 605 Sennyuji Yamauchicho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 0977-27 Time :9:00-17:00 (Admission reception until 16:30) Admission fee : 500 yen (Sennyuji Temple admission fee) Sponsored by :Moonlight Rei Exhibition Planning Committee (Managed by: GoldArtKyoto Co., Ltd.) Special cooperation  : Sennyu-ji temple Special exhibition  :Nobu Suetake, KYOTO Leather Exhibition cooperation  : Wakayama University Spatial Augmented Reality Laboratory Sponsorship : Sakae Clinic, Asano Shoten Co., Ltd. Sponsorship : Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City (all scheduled)   Contact information regarding this event Gold Art Kyoto Co., Ltd. 602 Daikoku-cho, Jofukuji-dori Terinouchi-shita Ru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 8482-727 TEL: 075-431-5676 Email: Writer introduction Hiroto Rakusho – Hiroto Rakusho Born in Nishijin, Kyoto in 1962.He is a certified traditional craftsman by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.Studied under his father, Jisaku Nishiyama, who holds the title of Kyoto City Traditional Industrial Technology Person of Merit.He learns foil craft techniques.In addition to learning the traditional techniques and techniques inherited from his father, he actively engages in activities both domestically and abroad to expand the range of things that can be expressed through foil crafts and to pass on valuable techniques. .As part of this, he collaborates with designers and artists of various genres and is active in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kuwait, etc.He engages in a wide range of creative activities, including the restoration of cultural artifacts and interior decoration at Kyoto National Museum, Tokyo National Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc. In 2002, he established his own brand, ``Hiroto Rakusho''.He began his own creative activities in earnest.Meanwhile, he participated in a digital archive production project aimed at preserving cultural properties, and based on his unique theory and experience, he perfected a reproduction method that no other foil craftsman had been able to achieve. Ta. This method, which can reproduce the passage of 400 years, has been patented as a method for reproducing old paintings decorated with metal foil.He has made significant contributions to the protection and utilization of valuable cultural properties. His 06 high-definition reproduction of the national treasure ``Fujin and Raijin Folding Screen'' is particularly famous and was dedicated to Kenninji Temple in Kyoto.He also focused on replicating wall paintings housed in Nanzen-ji, Myoshin-ji, Shokoku-ji, Zuishin-in, Nijo Castle, Nagoya Castle, etc.He has collaborated not only in Japan but also in projects to reproduce works held in overseas collections such as the Seattle Art Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.He brought back to Kyoto folding screens and sliding door paintings by the Rinpa and Kano schools.While respecting the tradition of Nishijin foil crafts, his challenging spirit of creating a unique world with new ideas and continuing to communicate its splendor to the world has inspired those around him in terms of training his successors. continuing.   Special exhibition XNUMX “Space, Mandala, Humanity” by Nobu Suetake Science Artist Physician, Doctor of Medicine, Certified Specialist by the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery After graduating from the National Gifu University School of Medicine, he joined the University's First Department of Surgery and trained as a surgeon, then went on a short-term study abroad at Chang Gang Memorial Hospital in Taiwan to learn about cosmetic surgery. Strive to create beauty.He graduated from the doctoral program at Juntendo University Graduate School of Medicine.President of the 33th Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery, part-time lecturer in hospital management at Juntendo University School of Medicine, pursued the ultimate beauty as a cosmetic surgeon for 2014 years, and in XNUMX began creating art using the craftsmanship of a cosmetic surgeon and aesthetic medical technology.He is disseminating the world's most advanced art technology, which he independently developed, along with his own works.Sakae Clinic Director Juntendo University School of Medicine Hospital Management Part-time Lecturer Vice Representative Director of Advanced Medical Science Wellness Academy Incorporated Association   President of the XNUMXth Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery Certified specialist of the Japan Cosmetic Surgery Society Femtech Academy Lecturer Instructor/advisor certified by the International Society of Anti-Aging Regenerative Medicine science artist Nobuhiro Suetake, Doctor of Medicine 460nd floor, Nishiki HOTEI Building, 0003-2-052 Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya 953-9676 ☎0120-566-680 / 052-953-7810 /FAX XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX